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Xenogears: Weltall 2 WIP by zeiram0034
Xenogears: Weltall 2 WIP
Opted to have the 'wings' in the  closed position since they only open while using the ID system for dealing out some major damage.
Xenogears Weltall WIP by zeiram0034
Xenogears Weltall WIP
Another xenogears mecha I havent gotten around to finishing yet. tried out a few new brushes and shading effects for this one.
Xenogears: Brigadier WIP by zeiram0034
Xenogears: Brigadier WIP
Xenogears was one of my favorite games during my childhood and was one of the big influences for my love of the mecha genre as a whole.

Still alot of work to do on this one before it can be considered complete.
Ideon redesign WIP by zeiram0034
Ideon redesign WIP

A slight redesign of the titular mecha from Space Runaway Ideon.

Following the cancelation of Mobile Suit Gundam in 1980, director Yoshiyuki Tomino moved on to his next project - Space Runaway Ideon (aka Legendary Giant God Ideon). Originally airing on Japanese television from 1980-81, Ideon is one of Tomino's most famous non-Gundam series. Hundreds of years in the future, mankind has colonized many planets. On one of these planets, Solo, a group of archeologists and soldiers find the legendary robot Ideon and a powerful spaceship. Attacked by the humanoid aliens known as the Buff Clan, the humans, including hero Cosmo Yuki, flee from planet to planet under alien pursuit while trying to solve the mystery of the Ideon and the energy source behind it. Ideon's characters were designed by Tomonori Kogawa and its mecha was designed by Submarine. The show would eventually be canceled prematurely after 39 episodes. In 1982, two Ideon movies were released on a double bill. The first, A Contact, was a recap of the series. The second, Be Invoked, was an original feature that contained the true ending to the series.

 One of the most notable features of Ideon was the power of the robot, which was more powerful than anything else in super robot shows at the time.

The Ideon is portrayed as a very destructive device in terms of raw destructive power. Although it is, at first, a rather humble weapon in comparison to other mecha, brandishing only an array of missiles and a double barreled energy cannon called the Glenn Cannon on its abdomen as well as limited melee and defensive shields, this changes gradually as the series progresses and the protagonists delve further into the Ideons' secrets.

The Ideon's overall performance increases to incredible heights of speed, durability, and power; even its most basic weapons increase their potency dramatically such as the cinematic "All Missiles" attack where all of the Ideon's now Ide-powered missiles are launched simultaneously at great speeds destroying literally fleets of ships in one attack. Without a doubt, Ideon's destructive power reaches godlike status when three distinct weapons are discovered:

  • Black Hole Cannon, which as the name implies, creates a miniature black hole capable of massive destruction.
  • The Ideon Sword, a beam of pure light emitted from each of Ideon's hands. While the beam's destructive power is immense (even cleaving an entire planet in half at one point), its most peculiar quality is its length. While adjustable, the maximum length of the sword is depicted as being quite possibly infinite.
  • The Ideon Gun (a.k.a. the Wave Leader Cannon), a massive blue cannon directly powered by the Ideon's Ide energy to produce an enormous white wave of energy which destroys literally anything in its path in a forty five-degree angle, including star ships and planets. This cannon's initial use leaves the crew astonished to the point of since then refraining from use it until it becomes absolutely necessary.
VF-1J Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijou custom) profile by zeiram0034
VF-1J Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijou custom) profile
After the crash-landing of the Alien StarShip-One in July 1999 it is discovered the alien crew was a race of giants some five times the size of a human. Fearful of being unprepared for a conflict with these aliens, the newly formed United Nations Government (UNG) begins researching anti-giant weapon systems technologies. Utilizing the now named OverTechnology found on the ASS-1, the non-variable humanoid mecha called the Destroid is designed; another weapon system is the transformable Battroid. The UNG contracts Stonewell and Bellcom to develop an all-environment variable fighter eventually known as the "Valkyrie." Rising to the challenge, Stonewell and Bellcom subcontract with OT reaction powerplant producer Shinnakasu Heavy Industry and Destroid developer Centinental to complete a basic design by 2005. The first transformable prototype is successfully tested in 2007 and the UNG decides to formally adopt the Valkyrie in November of that year. By late 2008, mass production is in full swing on the VF-1A variable fighter.

From February 2009 to March 2010, the VF-1A Valkyrie served as the standard variable fighter of the U.N. Spacy in Space War I. The VF-1 proved to be an extremely capable craft, successfully combating a variety of Zentradi mecha even in most sorties which saw UN Spacy forces significantly outnumbered. The versatility of the Valkyrie design enabled the variable fighter to act as both large-scale infantry and as air/space superiority fighter. The signature skills of U.N. Spacy ace pilot Maximilian Jenius exemplified the effectiveness of the variable systems as he near-constantly transformed the Valkyrie in battle to seize advantages of each mode as combat conditions changed from moment to moment. The basic VF-1 was deployed in four minor variants (designated A, D, J, and S) and its success was increased by continued development of various enhancements including the GBP-1S "Armored" Valkyrie and FAST Pack "Super" Valkyrie weapon systems.

Shinnakasu Heavy Industry's VF-1J (the "J" speculated as a prideful designation of the fighter's region of origin) is an upgraded version of the standard VF-1, typically assigned to the senior officer of an air team or to a squadron leader. Unlike Stonewell/Bellcom's VF-1D, the VF-1J remains a single seat fighter but shares the slightly increased firepower of that variant. The new head unit of the VF-1J (developed by Kyuusei Industry) features two Mauler RÖV-20 anti-aircraft laser cannons in a slightly improved configuration. Naturally, when the Shinnakasu-designed GBP-1S "Armored" system was given first operational deployment, it was installed on a VF-1J.

Info from macross mecha manual
2014 has been a pretty crazy year for me. Dealing with the stress of my current job and coupled overcoming a family crisis had left me drained both physically and mentally over the last couple of months.

However I'm hoping to change that with the coming of the new year.

With my night shift job, my social life is practically non existent but I want to at least start posting again, even if some of my works are in various states of completion.

In any case, to those that view my little corner here on DA, sorry for having skipped town for a bit but I hope to now with some RL drama behind me I can get back to doing more art ^^ .


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